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Wedding Erah Planning & Design

Fee and Payments:

  1. Your Coordination and design package came to a total of $8100 a first payment of 2,025 functions as a deposit to secure your date with Wedding Erah. The rest of the amount due will be paid in four installments.
    • First Payment: Due at the time of signing the contract.
    • Second Payment: Due 1 month after the contract signing.
    • Third Payment: Due 2 months after the contract signing.
    • Final Payment: Due 2 weeks before your wedding date.


  1. Upon submitting your first payment, you will be provided with a full list of all the services required from us. Wedding Erah is responsible only for the specified services.

Coordination and design Fee:

  1. The first installment must be paid before we proceed to begin the design process.

Late Payments and Additional Charges:

  1. Failure to pay the monthly balance will result in Wedding Erah stopping and canceling all their services at any point of the process effective immediately.


Payment Methods

  1. Payments should be made via the link provided by Wedding Erah.

Refunds and Changes:

  1. Deposits and payments  are non-refundable and non-transferable.



  1. If you decide to cancel the services, all funds paid will be forfeited. Any materials purchased specifically for your wedding will remain the property of Wedding Erah.
  2. Failure to provide necessary details by the specified deadlines may result in delay in the design process.Deposits are non-transferable and cannot be applied to other services or purchases.


  1. A proof of your wedding invitation and/or stationery will be sent to you via email before your production slot. It is crucial that you thoroughly review the proof for accuracy.
  2. Work will only commence after the proof has been approved. Delays in providing necessary wording or approving proofs may impact the start of your order.
  3. Changes requested after approval may result in additional costs and are subject to feasibility within the given timeframe.
  4. You are responsible for ensuring all details provided are accurate. Human error may occur despite our best efforts.


  1. Any damage to your invitations and stationery must be reported within 24 hours of receipt.
  2. Wedding Erah may request the return of damaged goods and will cover the cost of this service.

Access to Wedding Photos: 

We kindly request access to all wedding photos and permission for unrestricted use of these images. If there are specific photos you would prefer not to be shared, please inform us, but we still require access to all images for our records.

Images of Our Work: 

All photographs capturing our work must be provided to us after the wedding. While we appreciate any endorsements of our work on social media, they are not required. 



Coordination Services:

  1. We are only responsible for the services listed at the time of submitting your first payment.
  2. Your failure to provide us with clear list of vendors, all pervious communications throughout the booking process, and details we should be aware of my result in complications or delays on your wedding day which we will not be held accountable for.
  3. We will be taking over all vendor communications one month prior your wedding date we will not be responsible for any details or communications taken place prior our take over if not provided by the client.

Design Services: 

  1.  We are only responsible for the services listed at the time of submitting your first payment.
  2. All Design elements and florals will be finalized 3 months prior you wedding date and any changes or customization requests after the finalization will result in additional charges with a minimum of $300.
  3. Throughout the design process there will be informations and inspo images requested from you for us to understand your vision better and provide our best services your failure in providing the requested info may result in delays throughout the design process.

Bespoke Stationary Suite: 

  1. You are responsible for providing all the right information/addresses you want included in your stationary suite, any errors or re printing required due to provided misinformation by you will result in additional material, printing, and labor charges.
  2. You will receive a digital copy of your full stationary suite, everything will be sent for print upon your approval.
  3. As a part of our services you are provided with 2 chances to request any change to your stationary suite any changes requested after the first 2 times will result in additional charges with the minimum of $200.
  4.  As your stationery pieces are hand-painted, we ask for your understanding that not every single stationery set will be exactly the same. Although we strive to make every piece as similar as possible, slight variations are inherent in handcrafted work and add to the unique charm of your suite.

Client Responsibilities:

  1. Throughout the design and stationery suite design process, items and information will be required from you. Delays in responding or providing requested information may result in delays in your design and stationery suite printing process.


Force Majeure


1. No party (Wedding Erah or the Client) will be liable or responsible to the other party for any failure or delay in fulfilling or performing any term of this agreement if such failure or delay is caused by or results from acts beyond our reasonable control. These acts include, but are not limited to, natural disasters, pandemics, government orders, or any other unforeseen events.


Planner's Illness or Emergency


1. In the unlikely event of personal illness, death (of the planner or a member of the planner's immediate family), or other circumstances beyond the control of Wedding Erah and its representatives, a substitute wedding coordinator will be dispatched by Wedding Erah to fulfill the obligations outlined in this contract. If a substitute cannot be provided, the Client will be entitled to a refund of the Wedding Management fee, less the cost of time already worked on the event up to that point.


This formal contract details the terms and conditions of engagement between you (the client) and Wedding Erah.

Sign our Contract to work with us

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Wedding Erah

Wedding Erah is a dedicated wedding planning and design company, creating extraordinary and timeless celebrations for couples worldwide. We turn dreams into reality with unique, elegant events that reflect each couple's love story.

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